Our specialised equipment enables the SprayMow Services team to handle your weed requirements in any situation.


We have extensive experience in: SprayMow-10-2011-35

  • Re-vegetation site preparation and aftercare
  • Roadside weed control and slashing
  • Spot spraying of noxious and woody weeds
  • Selective control of weeds in turf
  • Broad-acre boom spraying of weeds
  • Brushcutting and mechanical removal
  • Water weeds control
  • Fire Hazard reduction managment
  • Creation and maintenance of firebreaks

SprayMow Services provide complete weed management and control systems. Effective weed control systems can be applied to road verges, public open spaces, service easements, farmlands/vineyards, bushland and landscape areas.

SprayMows Sersives range of equipment includes backpack sprayers, ute and trailer mounted spray units, booms, quad bike, chainsaws, polesaws, burshcutters, rideon mowers, skidsteer loader and a range of hand tools for woody weed removal. We also operate two Quik Spray units with twin reels each with 150m of hose on them allowing us a greater reach into hard to access areas.

We are also able to offer specialised services such as ripping and mounding for environmental plantings, mechanical removal / harvesting of woody weeds and weed removal in aquatic environments.

We are not limited in working only in these areas. We are more than happy to discuss each clients needs and their particular requirements for each situation.