Other Services

Farm Fencing

At SprayMow Services we can design, supply and install farm style fencing. We can provide fencing to ensure your stock is safe and your small to medium sized property is secure. We are also able to provide repairs to existing fences.

Ripping & Mounding

SprayMow Services can provide ripping and mounding to help ensure tree planting/revegetation projects are successful.

Rotary Hoeing

Our tractor mounted Rotary Hoe is ideal for site preparation, rotary hoeing provides weed control and is useful for levelling ground and breaking up compacted soils. It can also be used to incorporate soil conditioner and manures. It's a great tool to use before tree planting, landscaping or the laying of new turf.

Tree Planting

SprayMow Services are available to undertake tree planting (tubestock) using one of our two 3PL tree planters or by hand. The 3PL tree planters are ideal for the planting of shelter lines or for the fast coverage of larger areas. We also have access to a number of suppliers and can also supply plant stock for your job.

Direct Seeding

An exciting addition to our equipment recently is a custom designed and made direct seeding unit. This unit fits behind one of our tractors and can be used to do single pass direct seeding. We can scalp the ground, make the seed bed, place the seed and presses in, in one pass. We also have the ability to apply soil wetta or liquid seaweed at the same time. The whole process is controlled from the tractor seat.

Blue Gum Coppice Spraying

SprayMow Services can assist in the removal of Blue Gums from your property. We are regularly performing coppice control and can also be involved in the management of Blue Gum plantations after harvesting. We can assist land owners to reclaim their land and have a life after Blue Gums.

Erosion Control

SprayMow Services can supply and install erosion control measures to alter the flow of water across sites, stabilise embankments and reduce soil movement. Our professional staff can assess your site and provide practical solutions.

If you are looking for any of these services in Busselton, Dunsborough, Bunbury & Margaret River, feel free to get in touch with us for a free no obligation quote. Share your requirements with us and we will quickly get back to you with a quote. Call us at 0402 135 232 for more details.